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Why do some people survive disasters while others perish?


Is it inevitable that something bad will happen to you­­­­­­—a natural disaster, an accident or a crime?

Sometimes, it seems luck is the only way to explain why someone in a bad situation survives or dies. But in reality most of the time, we make our own luck. We take precautions to increase our chances of surviving a bad event; wearing a seat belt when driving; paying attention to tornado sirens and weather alerts; securing our home against intruders.


What if there was a way that we could simply and effectively train our minds to become aware of trouble in time to avoid it and have a plan so that we would already know what to do in an emergency?


Would a system that enables almost anyone to survive most threatening situations be of value to you, your family and friends? In this book I’ll show you how to develop a straightforward, but comprehensive mindset or mental attitude to be aware of your surroundings, make simple but effective plans, and know when to put them into action.

Whatever the situation, I will show you how to define boundaries that you can use to determine when a potential threat becomes an actual threat. And from there, you will be able to execute your plan to avoid or get out of trouble.


There is no need for any of us to go through life hoping that with luck alone, we will survive all of the pitfalls that may lie in our path. 


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